About Veterinarian in Hudsonville, MI

About Georgetown Animal Hospital

At Georgetown Animal Hospital, your pet is our priority! We treat each pet in our care like a member of our family. As a full-service veterinary hospital, we are proud to provide a comprehensive range of services to patients from Hudsonville, MI and surrounding communities.

For over 30 years, our team has worked with families across the area to care for their dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small animals. We provide the highest level of medical, surgical, and dental care. We are committed to providing you with the resources and information you need to help your pets live long, healthy lives!

Meet Our Experienced Team

Lisa Meyer, DVM

Dr. Meyer was born and raised in Niles, MI, and moved to the Hudsonville area after graduating from Michigan State University, with a degree veterinary medicine. After graduating from MSU, Dr. Meyer worked at the Animal Clinic in Grand Rapids for six years, prior to coming to Georgetown Animal Hospital. She came to GAH in 2006 and eventually purchased the clinic from Dr. Bennett in 2009. (Which we are all very happy about).

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Dr. Meyer performs routine/diagnostic exams (with an emphasis on preventive health care) as well as routine and not-so-routine (orthopedic) surgical procedures. She works not only on dogs and cats, but also treats pocket pets, reptiles and birds.

Dr. Meyer currently lives in Hudsonville (though she would rather live in a warmer climate) with her three children: Malena (heading off to college – MSU – GO GREEN!), Brayden, and Ava. Dr. Meyer and her family have three dogs: Trixie, Lilly and Cayman (the second cutest little staffie EVER!) she also has a cat named Cookie.

When not working, Dr. Meyer loves to spend time with her family, especially attending all of her kids’ sporting events. She even occasionally coaches for her kids’ teams. In the summer, Dr. Meyer prefers to be outdoors in the warm sunlight and she would prefer it if winter did not occur.


Jason Chudy, DVM

Dr. Chudy joined Georgetown Animal Hospital in the fall of 2011. He attended Grand Valley State University where he did his undergraduate work. He then attended Michigan State University, where he obtained his veterinary degree. After MSU he worked at Cedar Animal Hospital for seven years, at which point we were lucky to sign him on at GAH. At GAH he performs routine/diagnostic appointments and surgical procedures; he also performs orthopedic surgeries and ultrasounds. He has experience with not only cats and dogs, but exotics as well. Dr. Chudy treats birds, pocket pets, reptiles as well as the occasional farm animal.

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A native of West Michigan, Dr. Chudy currently lives in Wyoming, MI, with his wife (Sarah) and their son (Benjamin). They also have three dogs. When Dr. Chudy isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family, fly-fishing, playing soccer and hockey, cooking (his wife can’t), and gardening. He also is big into remodeling their home; I think he fancies himself a handyman.


Stephanie Dorner, DVM

Dr. Stephanie Dorner attended Calvin College for undergraduate school and went on to MSU and graduated with her veterinary degree in 1997. Dr. Dorner comes to us from South Kent Animal Hospital (we are so happy to have her on board here), and has been with us since January of 2019. At GAH she performs routine diagnostics and exams.

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Dr. Dorner is a West Michigan native and lives in Grand Rapids with her husband (David) and their three children (Annabelle, Gabe and Aaron). Dr. Dorner enjoys downhill skiing and would like to learn cross country skiing, as well as how to sail. She and her husband hope that once they get the kids out of the house they will have more time to themselves and pick up some more hobbies. (Not they are in any kind of rush or anything).

Dr. Dorner has a menagerie of pets on her ‘farm’, as many as 22! For those of you who are curious, she has 5 chickens, 1 bearded dragon, 2 ponies, 1 rabbit, 2 parrots, 9 cats, 2 dogs and of course her husband ☺. That was an exhausting list! It is a wonder she gets anything else done having to care for all of those guys and her children. It is said that the cockatoo’s vocalizing may be causing some marital strife, those of you who have ever had one, or know of someone with a cockatoo can surely understand☺.


Maureen Good, DVM

Dr. Good graduated from Michigan State University in 1994; she joined the staff at Georgetown Animal Hospital in 2003. She was the staff veterinarian at Harbor Humane Society for many years. At GAH she performs routine exams and appointments and works on dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles and birds.

Dr. Good lives in Grand Rapids with her dogs, cats and rabbits. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and snowmobiling.

Susan Woldyk, DVM

Born in Germany during the Cold War (She’s a sleeper agent!!!), Dr. Woldyk grew up in Grand Rapids, MI. She attended and graduated from Michigan State University’s veterinary program in 1985. Georgetown Animal Hospital would not be around if not for Dr. Woldyk and her husband Ron. They built the GAH in 1988 and then sold the clinic to Dr. Bennett in 1996, when she took a few years off from practicing medicine to be home with her boys (Nick and Ben).

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She came back to GAH in 1999, couldn’t stand being cooped up with her kids anymore. She is a permanent fixture at the clinic (she isn’t allowed to leave).

Dr. Woldyk is big into the outdoors, especially if it includes the Upper Peninsula; she loves camping with her family. When in the U.P. she also loves hunting for agates (boring). Both of her boys are now adults and attending college. She lives in Hudsonville with her husband and their two cats.


Lindsey Schrebe, DVM

Dr. Schebe is a recent graduate of veterinary school and joined GAH hitting the ground running. Dr. Schrebe is a native of Michigan and attended Aquinas for her undergraduate work (GO SAINTS!). She attended and graduated from Lincoln Memorial University (Harrogate, TN) with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Schrebe is certified in fear free medicine and performs routine exams, vaccines and sees cats and dogs.

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It has been a busy year for Dr. Schrebe, not only did she graduate from veterinary school, but she also got married! She and her husband (Blake) recently bought a house in the Hudsonville area and are ‘excited’ to tackle home projects (this is sarcasm, no one likes home projects).

In her spare time, Dr. Schrebe enjoys playing soccer, knitting and crocheting. Dr. Schrebe and her husband have a cat, Sonny – the cutest cat in the world.


Beth Hoover (Hogerwerf), DVM

Dr. Hoover joined GAH February 2020, just prior to the pandemic. (What a great time to make major changes in one’s life.) Dr. Hoover is a graduate of MSU College of Vet Medicine, and was in fact a classmate of Dr. Meyer. Dr. Hoover came to GAH after working at VCA Northeast Dog and Cat Clinic for many years. Dr. Hoover performs routine exams and diagnostics, and primarily sees dogs and cats.


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Eric Chudy, Technician

Just when you thought we reached the limits of our nepotism, we hired Eric, Dr. Chudy’s nephew. He is currently going to school at Grand Valley State University, with a hope to one day be a veterinarian (his hope is to pursue large animal medicine). Eric currently lives in Grandville, MI with his wife Danae. Eric is one laid-back dude; he has yet to let everyone else’s neuroses get to him.

Alaree Hall, Veterinary Technician

Alaree (it starts with an A, not a V) came to Georgetown Animal Hospital (2011) with a plethora of animal experience: she had seven years of MacKenzie’s Animal Sanctuary and five years at the Animal Clinic (Grand Rapids, MI) before that. At the Animal Clinic she was the lead kennel technician and at MacKenzie’s she was the health care technician. At GAH, Alaree works as both a receptionist and technician.

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Alaree was born in Winston – Salem, North Carolina (no, she has not been accused of witchcraft), and has moved around a number of times. She has made West Michigan her home. Alaree’s education includes an associate’s degree in science from GRCC (2002) and a B.S. in Biology from Grand Valley State University (2012). Alaree enjoys hanging out with friends, trying new things, and going to the movies.


Malena Meyer, Veterinarian In Training

Malena Meyer is currently filling in hours at GAH while attending MSU. Malena’s hope is to apply to MSU’s veterinary program once she makes it through undergraduate school. She hails from Hudsonville, MI.

Malena has a pet cat, named Cookie that is full of spunk. (She IS a calico, those of you who have ever had a calico cat GET IT.) Malena loves music and photography and is an organizational freak, (obviously gets that from her mother, haha!).

Kelly Koeman, LVT

Bio coming soon.

Alicia Peless, Technician

Alicia has been with GAH since December of 2018 and has been a quick study. She came on board as we were in the midst of moving from our old location to our new facility and if that move didn’t scare her off I think we’ve got a keeper. Alicia is so laid back, it makes working with her so easy, nothing really gets this girl in a bad mood, so rare to find in people nowadays.

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Alicia’s degree is in Graphic Design from the College for Creative Studies (she is using that degree to its full potential, like many of us ☺ – sarcasm). Alicia also designs graphic tee shirts on her spare time, so I guess she is using that degree after all!

Alicia is a pescatarian, meaning she is a vegetarian who will also eat fish but no other animal proteins. It does not mean she worships fish ☺. I mention this, in the event that someone reading this chooses to bring in snacks for the staff (if any of you reps are reading this), there is one of us that does not eat meat.

Alicia lives in Grand Rapids with her husband Matt and their 4 dogs (Pooka, Nollie, Zeke, Kilo and Moose), a cat (Dali) and lizard (Nora). Until recently it was 3 dogs, but she (like myself) let one of our reps stick her with a puppy. She and her husband are both hockey fanatics and are always playing in a league.


Amy Pierce, Technician

Amy has been with Georgetown Animal Hospital since 2006. Prior to GAH she worked at Harbor Humane Society for 7 years, gaining tons of animal handling experience. Amy tried to leave GAH in 2014 but we wouldn’t hear of it, so she still puts in 2 days at the clinic so we (and our clients) still get to see her.

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Amy is originally from West Michigan, though she would prefer to spend her time at Drummond Island. She has three boys, Oliver, Jonas and Regan, three super intelligent and active guys. Amy is big into CrossFit (as is her husband, Jason), running, crocheting, kayaking and horseback riding (the girl cannot sit still).

Amy lives in Holland with her three boys and husband and their 2 dogs: Smack (Smackaronie and cheese and Lennon). She also has 3 horses.


Jessica Robinson, Technician

Jessica was born in Sewickley, PA, but has spent most of her life in Caledonia, MI. She would prefer working in large animal medicine (cows primarily). She has gained tremendous experience in vet. med. working at SouthKent Veterinary Hospital as a receptionist for the last 3.5 years. She has been with us since August 2017.

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She has varying interests, kayaking, hiking, beer making (and drinking). She has a long-standing boyfriend named Griffin, who needs to pop the question already! She has a fluffball of a dog named Cooper, and she and Griff have a puppy together named Rey.


Sharon Six, Receptionist

Sharon joined the staff as a receptionist at Georgetown Animal Hospital in 2012. She and her husband (Leo) of 45+ years (that’s a long time!) moved here from Niles where Sharon worked at the Niles Foot Clinic for over 20 years. They moved to Hudsonville to be closer to their daughter (one whom is Dr. Meyer) and grandchildren. Their son (Michael) currently resides in Denver, CO.

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Sharon enjoys knitting, hanging with the grandkids and reading in her free time. Sharon and Leo also love going to Holland and Saugatuck, but don’t try getting her on a plane! Sharon and Leo have a rambunctious Shnoodle named Cody.


Kelli Rork, LVT

Kelli Rork came to GAH from Kingdom Animal Hospital in February of 2020. Kelli graduated from Baker College with a Veterinary Technology Associates Degree in 2018. She is a West Michigan native, though has had the opportunity to travel the country. Her husband (Sean) is retired from the Coast Guard and due to his changing of posts Kelli and the family have lived in Ohio, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Michigan, California and then back to Michigan.

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Kelli and Sean have two teenage daughters, Alyssa (16) and Emma (13), got to feel for them☺. No seriously from all reports they are good kids. Kelli and her family have two dogs; Brutus and Radar, as well as two cats; Honey and Oreo.

Kelli and her family enjoy boating and Jeeping (hence they have a boat and a Jeep).


Atilay Tulu, Practice Manager

Atilay is a native of West Michigan (never got out of the area ☹) and has been with Georgetown Animal Hospital since 2006. Atilay is a graduate of Aquinas College with a B.S. in Biology. His previous work experience includes a stint at Harbor Humane Society as Kennel Manager where he gained a great deal of experience with animal handling. He joined GAH as a technician and was made Practice Manager in the fall of 2015.

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When not working, Atilay enjoys travel; his favorite destination is the Florida Keys, but he prefers international travel (when he can afford it). He also enjoys home projects, dry-walling, electric work and laying floors, but not plumbing (never again!). Other activities include biking and cooking (he loves to eat). Atilay lives in Holland with his plethora of pets, two dogs, five cats and one turtle.


Kim Johnson – Technician/Receptionist

Kim joined GAH in the summer of 2018 as a technician/receptionist, with some previous experience from Mapleview Animal Hospital. She loves all kinds of animals and cares for them as though they were her own.

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Kim has two mini donkeys and a mule that she enjoys riding when the weather permits. She has a love for Australian cattle dogs as she has two of them. Her cattle dogs’ names are Charme and Kayla. Kim also has a chinchilla and multiple cats. She loves to hike, frequent flea markets and go antiquing as well as 4 wheeling. Kim recently purchased a camper and has been hard at work upgrading it, so that she can travel in style and comfort.


Brianna Slagh, Technician/Receptionist

Brianna joined the staff May 2019 and came to us from Ottawa Animal Hospital, where she worked as a technician for 5 years. She is an accomplished and proficient technician. Brianna is a native of West Michigan, born and raised in Zeeland. She currently resides with her parents in Zeeland but is hopeful to strike it out on her own with her boyfriend (Kyle) soon. She and Kyle have been together (on and off ☺) for the last 6 years, though look to be a serious partnership.

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Brianna and Kyle enjoy traveling and exploring the state together. When they travel they like to; hunt for mushrooms (not those kinds), kayak and go fishing (not the card game). When Brianna isn’t working at GAH she cuts hair on the side and runs a craft business with a friend. Brianna has 2 cats (Jack and Chevelle), a horse and 2 mini donkeys.


Sydney TerHaar Technician/Recepionist

Sydney came to us from Ottawa Animal Hospital as an animal care attendant and joined GAH in October 2018. She now works as a technician and receptionist.

Sydney just recently left the womb (she is very young) and is living at home with her parents where she cares for their plethora of pets. It might be a good thing that she’s still at home with her parents, as I could see her becoming a dog hoarder☺. Every time a puppy, especially a lab, comes through the door, Sydney wants to take off with it.

Sydney in her spare time enjoys hunting, hiking and chasing cows.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Yeomans, Technician

What can I say about Lizzie? Well, Lizzie has been with GAH since May of 2018, and has adjusted to our wackiness with ease. Lizzie came to us from Cascade Animal Hospital as a kennel attendant and has made the transition to technician seamlessly. Lizzie was born in Rochester, Mi and spent most to her life in Oxford, Mi – and no she has not become a yuppie as a result.

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Lizzie is currently attending Grand Valley State University with a hope (seeing as this is her 4th or 5th time changing majors) to graduate with a masters in Cell Molecular Biology. You would think that someone wanting to go into cell molecular biology would be pretty introverted as they would prefer working in a lab away from people, but this kid is outgoing as they come.

Lizzie has recently lost hearing in her left ear, so you may need to yell occasionally to get her attention, don’t worry, she is a good sport about it. (Just don’t tell her I am telling you this.) Lizzie hopes to learn the piano and has recently purchased a keyboard. (There is a Beethoven joke there, but I will refrain.)

Lizzie currently has 1 pet, her chihuahua mix named Macie. She is a doll of a dog.

With Lizzie’s work ethic and sense of humor I hope she changes majors once again, we would like to keep her on staff as long as possible.


The Boss Man – Sir Segue

Segue came to Georgetown Animal Hospital in 2013 as a stray and has been living it up ever since he got here. Segue is the only child (and acts like it) of an alley cat dad (who liked to get around) and a floozy mom (who liked to hit the bottle hard). Segue has been able to overcome some difficult obstacles in his life to get to this point. Due to his upbringing, Segue developed an addiction to catnip that he still has not been able to kick. It is because of these difficulties that he has had to do a lot of growing up real fast and explains why he has become such a chill dude who doesn’t let anything get him down.

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Segue’s main likes are treats (provided by Ralph the Hill’s driver), long walks on the beach and long naps in the office. We never said he was a productive Boss Man. His primary dislikes are Huskies (had a run in with one) and yowling cats (he hates an attention seeker). Segue’s ultimate goal in life is world domination; he hopes to one day achieve this goal, with as little effort as possible.


The Sidekick – Ariel

Ariel has been with Georgetown Animal Hospital since December of 2015. Ariel is a princess through and through, she is the pickiest piggy ever. Ariel will only eat romaine lettuce (minus the crunchy ribs to the leaves), and prefers that she get a change up to her vegetables and fruit, as she cannot be bothered to eat the same things multiple days in a row.

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Ariel may have multiple personality disorder, as she will be super affectionate and annoyed at the same time. I believe that she is secretly plotting all of our deaths at these times of annoyance and if she had more allies she would attempt a coup d’état for complete control. As it is, she is willing to play the sidekick, but look out, one of these days she will come for all of us.


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