Alicia Peless, Technician

Alicia has been with GAH since December of 2018 and has been a quick study. She came on board as we were in the midst of moving from our old location to our new facility and if that move didn’t scare her off I think we’ve got a keeper. Alicia is so laid back, it makes working with her so easy, nothing really gets this girl in a bad mood, so rare to find in people now a days.

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Alicia’s degree is in Graphic Design from the College for Creative Studies (she is using that degree to it’s full potential, like many of us 😊 – this is sarcasm). Alicia, also designs graphic tee shirts on her spare time, so i guess she is using that degree after all!

Alicia is a pescatarian, meaning she is a vegetarian who will also eat fish but no other animal proteins. It dose not mean she worships fish. I mention this, in the event that someone reading this chooses to bring in food for the staff, there is one of us that does not eat meat.

Alicia lives in Grand Rapids with her husband Matt and their 4 dogs (Pooka, Nollie, Zeke and Kilo), a cat (Dali) and lizard (Nora). Until recently it was 3 dogs, but she (like myself) let one of our reps stick her with a puppy. She and her husband are both hockey fanatics and are always playing on a league.