Elizabeth (Lizzie) Yeomans, Technician

What can I say about Lizzie? Well, Lizzie has been with GAH since May of 2018, and has adjusted to our wackiness with ease. Lizzie came to us from Cascade Animal Hospital as a kennel attendant and has made the transition to technician seamlessly. Lizzie was born in Rochester, Mi and spent most to her life in Oxford, Mi – and no she has not become a yuppie as a result. Lizzie is currently attending Grand Valley State University with a hope (seeing as this is her 4th or 5th time changing majors) to graduate with a masters in Cell Molecular Biology. You would think that someone wanting to go into cell molecular biology would be pretty introverted as they would prefer working in a lab away from people, but this kid is outgoing as they come.

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Lizzie has recently lost hearing in her left ear, so you may need to yell occasionally to get her attention, don’t worry, she is a good sport about it. (Just don’t tell her I am telling you this.) Lizzie hopes to learn the piano and has recently purchased a keyboard. (There is a Beethoven joke there, but I will refrain.)

Lizzie currently has 1 pet, her chihuahua mix named Macie. She is a doll of a dog.

With Lizzie’s work ethic and sense of humor I hope she changes majors once again, we would like to keep her on staff as long as possible.