Stephanie Dorner, DVM

Dr. Stephanie Dorner attended Calvin College for undergraduate school and went on to MSU and graduated with her veterinary degree in 1997. Dr. Dorner comes to us from South Kent Animal Hospital (we are so happy to have her on board here), and has been with us since January of 2019. At GAH she performs routine diagnostics and exams.

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Dr. Dorner is a West Michigan native and lives in Grand Rapids with her husband (David) and their three children (Annabelle, Gabe and Aaron). Dr. Dorner enjoys downhill skiing and would like to learn cross country skiing as well as how to sail. She and her husband hope that once they get the kids out of the house they will have more time to themselves and pick up some more hobbies. (Not they are in any kind of rush or anything).

Dr. Dorner has a menagerie of pets on her ‘farm’, as many as 22! For those of your who are curious, she has 5 chickens, 1 bearded dragon, 2 ponys, 1 rabbit, 2 parrots, 9 cats, 2 dogs and of course her husband 🙂 . That was an exhausting list! It is a wonder she gets anything else done having to care for all of those guys and her children. It is said that the cockatoo’s vocalizing may be causing some marital strife, those of you who have ever had one, or know of someone with a cockatoo can surely understand 😉.


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