The Boss Man – Sir Segue

Segue came to Georgetown Animal Hospital in 2013 as a stray and has been living it up ever since he got here. Segue is the only child (and acts like it) of an alley cat dad (who liked to get around) and a floozy mom (who liked to hit the bottle hard). Segue has been able to overcome some difficult obstacles in his life to get to this point. Due to his upbringing, Segue developed an addiction to catnip that he still has not been able to kick. It is because of these difficulties that he has had to do a lot of growing up real fast and explains why he has become such a chill dude who doesn’t let anything get him down.

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Segue’s main likes are treats (provided by Ralph the Hill’s driver), long walks on the beach and long naps in the office. We never said he was a productive Boss Man. His primary dislikes are Huskies (had a run in with one) and yowling cats (he hates an attention seeker). Segue’s ultimate goal in life is world domination; he hopes to one day achieve this goal, with as little effort as possible.